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G550/450 Captains and FO for Business Aviation Asia (BAA)
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Job Details:

Minimum Requirements for Captains:

3500 hours total time on fixed wing aircraft
1500 hours on multi-engine turbine jet
500 hours PIC on multi-engine turbine jet
300 hours on type (at least 200 hours as PIC).
Current on type within 15 months
No limitations on type rating or license (eg. VMC circle to land restriction)
Valid/current ATPL issued from a country that has diplomatic relations with the Peoples Republic of China
Valid passport issued by a country that has diplomatic relations with the Peoples Republic of China
Valid/current Class A (First Class) Medical
No history of incidents or accidents. Must provide a letter from your current/previous employer or CAA.
ICAO Level 4 (or equivalent) English proficiency
Maximum age: 57 for rated Captains
Contract term 3 years for rated Captains
Base: Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai

Minimum requirements for First Officers are as follows:

1500 hours total time, and 200 hours time on type

ATPL issued by country which has diplomatic ties with China

Current on type within 15 months (doesn't apply to non-rated candidates)

Maximum age:  55

Contract term 3 years for rated Captains, 4 years for non-rated Captains.

Compensation: $15,500 per month (net) for Captains
                         $10,075 per month (net) for First Officers

*See additional benefits below. All taxes in China are paid by BAA

BAA will use a 5 year salary step-up program. Salary levels will increase each year of the contract, and up to 5 years.
Tuition Reimbursement for children registered in school in China. Maximum allowance $12,000 per year.
Paid Personal Leave: 28 days / year (including 12 paid holidays)
Per diem during trips $100/day (USA), $120/day (Asia), $160/day (Europe)
Salary paid offshore. Expat tax benefits may apply.
Medical insurance for pilot provided
Optional global medical/dental health plan (for pilot and family)

Additional Information:

Chinese income taxes will be paid by BAA. Expat status may dramatically reduce your national tax liability. Consult your CPA for tax advice.
Optional global medical/dental health plan (for pilot and family). International Medical Insurance Coverage is optional and will cover you and your family anywhere in the world. Details are available at
Loss of License insurance is available at

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Employer Business Aviation Asia
Role Flight Crew
Position Temp/Contract/Project
Location Beijing, Shanghai China
Required Type Rating Gulfstream G V/V-SP/500/550,Gulfstream G III/IV/IV-SP/300/350/400/450,
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